Call for Paper: 5th Central European Congress on Obesity (CECON)

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Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to register and submit papers for the 5th Central European Congress on Obesity (CECON) in Budapest, Hungary.

Welcome message of the Congress Chair:

Dear Colleagues,


The growing epidemy of overweight and obesity cause significantly increased medical costs for healthcare systems worldwide and less quality of life for the individuals. Increasing incidence and increasing degree of excess weight at the same time require multidisciplinary approach and global strategies. Separate solutions have had no result so far.


The life-style, the physical, chemical, biological and socio-economic environmental factors are playing significant roles in the growing epidemy. There is no effective medication for obesity. Metabolic and bariatric surgery shows plenty of results, but not sufficient in fighting against of the increasing prevalence. The prevention of overweight and obesity is becoming more valuable in pre-obese conditions and especially in childhood. The trends of obesity immediately need steps for solutions. The time has come when a wide social collaboration is needed above and beyond healthcare systems.


The 5th Central European Congress on Obesity provides an excellent forum where in this spirit and with the full spectrum of obesitology we strive to introduce and discuss the latest results of international research in order to encourage development of regional scientific cooperation and to call the attention of decision-makers to form a consensus in the restraint of epidemy. The meeting provides a forum for the coordination of the different areas of actions as well.


The Congress is held in memoriam Professor László Halmy DMSc, founder and former President of the Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity whose biography ranged from basic research to clinical management of obesity.


Eszter Halmy

Congress Chair


Main topics:

  1. Animal models in obesity research
    02. Energy balance, hunger and satiety
    03. Genes, environment, epigenetics of obesity
    04. Food chain safety
    05. Eating disorders
    06. Ageing and obesity
    07. Childhood obesity
    08. Prevention of obesity
    09. Prevalence of obesity and co-morbidities
    10. Recent instrumental diagnosis of obesity
    11. Clinical treatment in obesity related morbidities
    12. Nutrition, hydration, exercise therapy in obesity
    13. Sweeteners supported obesity management
    14. Exercise is medicine
    15. Psychological aspects, behavioural therapy of obesity
    16. Novel trends in pharmacotherapy
    17. Metabolic and bariatric surgery
    18. Endoluminal treatment for obesity
    19. Weight loss induced plastic surgery
    20. Personal, social and economic costs of obesity
    21. Obesity research, education and management within Central Europe

Call for Abstracts:

The Scientific Committee invites all participants to submit high-quality abstracts in English through the performatted website abstract submission page not later than 31 May, 2015.

Important dates:

Abstract submission 31 May 2015
Acceptance of abstracts 19 June 2015
Early bird registration 30 June 2015
Paying and cancelling hotel rooms 7 August 2015
Cancelling registration 5 September 2015
Satnadard registration 15 September 2015
Advance registration 28 September 2015


For more information and registration please visit the congress website.

Best regards,

Szent István krt. 7.
H-1055 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 350-1854
Fax: +36 1 350-0929


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