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22nd World Congress of Clinical Nutrition

4th World Congress on Chronomedicine

International Conference on Obesity and Chronic Diseases

Obesity Week 2018

The submission site for ObesityWeek 2018 late-breaking abstracts opens July 20. Don’t miss this chance to present research on basic science, prevention and treatment at TOS’s Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN, Nov. 13-15. Poster and oral abstracts slots are available. The submission site will remain open throughMonday, August 6, 2018.
Submit your abstract to one of the following tracks:
Track 1: Metabolism and Integrative Physiology
Track 2: Neuroscience
Track 3: Intervention and Clinical Studies
Track 4: Population Health
Track 6: Healthcare Policy/Public Health Policy
Results must be from 2018 to submit. Simultaneous submission to a journal is allowed.
Notification of acceptance will be emailed in late September from annualmeeting@ obesity. org.

Premium Továbbképzés és Találkozó

Meghívó Premium Program 2018

A Magyar Elhízástudományi Társaság XXVI. Kongresszusa

A Magyar Elhízástudományi Társaság XXVI. Kongresszusa és 16 kreditpontos Halmy László Továbbképző Napja 2018. november 30-án Budapesten a Flamenco Hotelben kerül megrendezésre

Program: http://gmrt.hu/met-18-program/

További információk: http://gmrt.hu/met2018/

Obesity Week 2018