2007 SCOPE Továbbképző Nap

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INVITATION:  SCOPE 25th April, 2007. Budapest 

1) The global problem of obesity and the need for immediate action.  With obesity increasing in every part of the world, the need for a concerted action is becoming imminent.
Professor Stephan Rössner: Stockholm, Sweden

2) From Theory Into Clinical Practice. Translating the scientific evidence into practical working long term treatment strategies.
Professor Ian Caterson: Sydney, Australia

3) Clinical Approach of Obesity in a Primary Care Setting from a Hungarian Perspective. Adapting internationally accepted guidelines into the particular needs of the Hungarian Society.
Professor Laszlo Halmy: Budapest, Hungary

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4) Protein, carbohydrate and satiety. Trendy diets have made it difficult for the public to understand what is scientifically based and what is fraud.  What should we believe?
Professor Arne V. Astrup: Copenhagen, Denmark

5) The SCOPE Internet Program – a new integrated tool for future international use in the education of the obesity treatment team. Background and practical on line demonstration
Professor Stephan Rössner: Stockholm, Sweden

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